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Training Programs

Youth Academie Program 8 - 13 years, part time program

goal of this program is to establish the correct stroke technic as well as foundation developemant of the athletic and coordinative qualities. The basics of tournament play for example attitude in a match, mental attitude, prematch approach are of great importends in this program.

Youth Pro Academie Program from 14 years on, part time program

This program is the continuation of the program 1. It´s include all the aspects of progam 1. It´s the instruction (after finishing school) and the first step in preparation for professional tennis.

Base Professional Program, full-time program

The full-time program includes 30 hours/weekly training. This program is designed for the future professional players and for present touring players.

Base Part time program summer/winter

hotel/housing on request
daily (mo - fri) 5hours training tennis + fitness
2 tests in this training program are taking place ( start and at the end) Each player will get
dokumentation about improvement of his tennis specific fitness.